100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 1914-2014

Find out what you can do to help in the Restoration and Preservation of Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse



Welcome All Friends of Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse!

Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse Friends will be the website dedicated to the Restoration, Preservation, and Education of the Public about Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse and the surrounding Maritime Heritage. We look forward to updating you as often as possible on the progress we all make towards restoring the Lighthouse and making it possible to tour the lighthouse in the future.

The Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse will eventually be open to the public. We need as much support as possible from anyone who has an interest in this project. Please sign up for email and mail newsletters so that we can keep you informed.


Captain Jeff Stewart, Director Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse




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